Restaurant Equipment Wholesalers - Who Are They & How They Can Help
Just as there is no 'I' in 'team', there is no 'I' in 'restaurant'. A restaurant's presentation of food and guest hospitality is the forefront of a thoroughly pre-meditated, pre-planned and pre-stocked event that takes place with the help of several different food and/or equipment companies. Wholesale providers offer a unique service to restaurant owners where they can find the goods their restaurant needs to function smoothly, and they offer them at a price that won't break the bank. Finding a good restaurant equipment wholesalers is imperative to the livelihood and success of a restaurant. They are the backbone of the food service industry, and it's these dedicated companies that enable restaurants to serve up their tasty food at prices the general public can afford.

What Are Restaurant Equipment Wholesalers?

A restaurant equipment wholesaler is a company who specializes in supplying individual restaurants with the inventory supplies they use regularly. The benefit these companies have to offer their customers is substantially decreased prices as opposed to purchasing supplies through a regular merchant. Their ability to purchase equipment and supplies at bulk discount allows them to offer the absolute lowest prices in the industry to individual restaurants who want to purchase their goods.

What Do These Wholesalers Do?

Restaurant equipment wholesalers offer a variety of services to their clients. Of course they offer basic inventory item delivery, like to-go boxes or drink carriers, but a great wholesaler that you definitely want to make part of your team is one who will also:

  • offer a large selection of stock items

  • have the absolute lowest prices amongst competitors

  • on time deliveries with accuracy guaranteed

  • warrantees on applicable items (i.e. deep fryers, frill, pizza ovens)

  • exhibit characteristics such as flexibility, dependability and honesty

  • offer after hours service or emergency maintenance calls

These little 'extras' are anything but little when you open the shop one morning and discover your oven is shot. This can be disastrous to a baker or pizzeria, and a good equipment wholesaler can save the day if they're willing to go above and beyond the minimum requirements at 5:00AM.

In addition to offering life saving services, products commonly found in any restaurant, diner, or café include large cooking appliances, small cooking appliances, specialty food equipment (i.e. pizza cutters or nacho stations) all the way down to handheld spatulas or whisks.

When comparing an equipment wholesaler with a standard restaurant supply outfit, the standard supply outfit will offer decent prices, or at least the lowest they are able to offer while still turning a profit, and the services are nearly identical. Some people may have preconceived notions about the term 'wholesale' basically meaning 'junk items that nobody was willing to pay full price for', but that is definitely not the case with competitive equipment wholesalers looking to secure a steady line of customers.

How Can Restaurant Equipment Wholesalers Help You?

Simply stated, the goal of working in the food service industry is to profit by being the best at what you do, and doing it for cheaper than the next guy who offers the same style cuisine. In addition to providing superior customer service, an equipment wholesaler that wants to have an edge over their competition will go the extra mile in service for no addition charge.

For example, any supply company will generally offer a manufacturer warranty with the purchase of any large appliance. A wholesaler with a great sense for customer satisfaction will offer an extended warranty that covers all part replacements and service calls. In an industry such as food service, there are certain routines and various procedures that all need to happen in the right order at the right time for the operation to be fully functional when the rush hits. An equipment wholesaler who is frequently late may compromise the restaurants integrity.

How to Find a Reputable Equipment Wholesaler

Wholesalers are a dime a dozen these days, and to truly find a reputable one that is a good fit for a particular company can take some footwork. Asking a trusted friend or other food service professional for their recommendation will usually produce a few leads, but always take the time to evaluate a wholesaler and form an honest opinion. Just because Jim Bob over in burger alley says one company is honest and reliable, doesn't always mean that they are.

When all is said and done, taking the time to shop around really does pay when it comes to restaurant wholesale suppliers. These restaurant supply companies make succeeding in the food service industry just a little bit easier for beginning restaurants and other non-chain establishments. Money is tight for everybody these days, and good equipment wholesalers know that every dime is important. Offering superior service, exceptional prices, reliability, and convenience is the service wholesale supply companies so proudly provide to their customers - because every little bit helps!


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